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In The Future, You Will Decide the Function of Furniture Design Software

Feb. 22, 2021

The reason why customized furniture has been favored by many consumers in recent years is that its "customization" can meet the various individual needs of consumers, and among all furniture products, it is the most suitable for consumers. So, can you "customize" the design software for custom furniture, so that the software can perfectly fit the development status and planning of the enterprise, and give full play to its functions and potential effects? Furniture Design System Suppliers come to share with you

Specifically, the project cooperation model is aimed at companies with relatively large individual needs. The company can correspond to the three levels of A/B/C according to the needs of database construction, various forms, processes, equipment, etc. and the company's own development scale. The functions and sections of the WinSolid system, which is independently developed by the dot-line software and can be integrated before and after, can be customized. For example, you can develop an enterprise-specific product library to make the design more convenient and faster; at the same time, you can develop and customize the functions of the section from the production and management, so that the entire production chain can perfectly fit the needs of the enterprise from design to production. In addition, the designer account price of the project cooperation model is also lower than the market price, which saves the cost of the enterprise to a certain extent.

Furniture Design System

Furniture Design System

This model coincides with the needs of large enterprises to find the most suitable development method for them, to improve their deficiencies, and to give full play to their strengths-the dot-line WinSolid software solution covers the front-end and the back-end, and can solve most of the market. The front-end and back-end connection problems that the software can't do, realize the real front and back integration.

The WinSolid system integrates 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, and management. It enables all the processes from furniture design to manufacturing to be completed in a Furniture Production System, realizing true front-to-back integration. Based on this, companies can achieve more New directions and feasibility of multi-market planning. Based on market analysis and the next development plan, companies can create a unique and easy-to-handle core weapon for themselves like genetic selection, which will be more lethal in the market fight.

At the same time, it is also the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to rely on differentiation in the fierce market competition. Enterprises can customize and develop related functions and sections according to their own differentiated development plans, and do a good job in "technical industry specialization", so that they can go smoother and more handy on the road of differentiated planning.

In addition to conducive to the further development of the enterprise, the project cooperation model of Point-Line Software can also obtain permanent services such as one-to-one equipment docking, online training, remote maintenance, and full guidance to eliminate future troubles.

Furniture Industry Software can become popular among furniture consumers, and I believe the industry is well versed in the advantages of "customization". In the same way, the "customization" of software is also of great development significance. I believe that discerning colleagues are very willing to try custom software to share the bright future of the industry.

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