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Obstacles to Corporate Transformation

Feb. 04, 2021

After the end of the savage dividend period, the home furnishing industry began to enter a calm integration period. Opportunity is no longer a bargaining chip for corporate development. Production efficiency has become the first need for corporate development. Especially when whole-house customization and smart home are still popular in the market, Furniture Industry Software determines the success of a company's transformation.

You may have this question. Isn’t furniture industry software just a tool to assist in furniture production? Why do you boast Haikou that it is the key to enterprise transformation?

Because in the production and manufacturing, furniture software can help enterprises to carry out intelligent production and save more costs. At the same time, furniture software can also help enterprises in design to achieve the perfect presentation of effect plans. The combination of the two can well promote the steady improvement of enterprise production efficiency.

Furniture Industry Software

Furniture Industry Software

But most of the furniture software currently on the market, only a very small number can play a role in promoting the transformation of enterprises, the reason is that many software only do the front-end design part, or only do the back-end part of the split.

At this time, you may think again, isn't it enough to use two software at the same time? A well-designed front-end software works with a back-end software that can be split. Why can't it promote enterprise transformation?

This seems to be able to perform their duties perfectly, but in fact, the "unfamiliar" between the front-end and back-end software makes it difficult to perfectly cooperate with each other. It is extremely easy to encounter errors in the connection of production materials when the information is docked between the software. Translation" error and other errors. In particular, many factories have different operating codes and passwords for production equipment. When disassembling the order, it is easy to appear "donkey's head does not match the horse's mouth". In this way, the products produced cannot meet the requirements of customers. Problems, re-production, etc. After this series of operations, a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources were wasted, which is contrary to the original intention of improving production efficiency through intelligent furniture software.

In addition, the purchase of software is also a very high cost. Purchasing two software at the same time is equivalent to spending twice the price, which is not a small amount for the cost of the enterprise.

You would think, wouldn't all the problems be solved by buying a "front-to-back integration" software that has a front-end and a back-end? The truth is correct, but at present, there are very few furniture software that can achieve a good balance between the front and the back.

why? You can understand this-all software in the world can be divided into two categories: Visualization Software and engineering software. Since the focus of visualization software is visual effects, the characteristics of visualization software are lightweight, and engineering software is used in manufacturing and In assembly, accuracy is its characteristic. The different characteristics of the two determine that the underlying software is also different. The bottom layer of the software is realized through modeling technology. The modeling technology is also divided into two categories. NURBS modeling considers precision, while polygon modeling considers flexibility and lightweight. The front and back ends of the furniture software are separate Corresponds to visualization and engineering manufacturing.

But all software is developed through the underlying data of the software. At present, the domestic research and development in this area is very backward. It can even be said that there is no such underlying data. However, visualization software and engineering software are inherently difficult to integrate due to the different underlying data structures. Therefore, "front and back integration" is a technical problem that requires both breakthroughs in lightweight and accuracy.

Furniture software that can achieve "front and back integration" is an urgent need for the furniture industry. To some extent, Efficient Furniture Industry Software is not only the key to the transformation of furniture companies, but also the key to the transformation of the domestic IT industry. Technology empowering the industry is its ultimate meaning.

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