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Process Flow

Unified control and six closed-loop processes to improve work efficiency

Haixun home design and production system comprises store design end, factory design end and factory production end. It can set a number of store ends and enables the factory to achieve unified control so as to improve factory efficiency and product value.

01 Store design
Store design

Store designers can select and use the hundreds of built-in common furniture models of the software to realize convenient design and on-site rendering, and  to design for and show the customers matching of the furniture color style and the decoration style conveniently and flexibly; the designers will transmit the design schemes directly to the factory for production after the customers confirm them.

02 Order splitting and quotation
Order splitting and quotation

A detailed reporting system is used to realize one-key generation of plate BOM, accessory BOM,  quotation, list of hardware, electronic saw BOM and hole information, etc. to  enable the user to learn about the production accurately, and solve a series of problems,  such as difficult recruitment and high error rate of manual order splitting in the order splitting industry.

03 Factory audit
Factory audit

Factories audit the store orders and check cabinet structure, plate hole positions, slots and other information according to their own process requirements. They will place production orders after confirming no error.

04 Processing and production
Processing and production

A professional software is used to generate programs, which are to be sent to the machine tools for processing and production along with the orders and requirements so as to double the working frequency through a reasonable path.

05 Packaging and Delivery
Packaging and Delivery

Complete packaging system, perfect factory process management and further check jointly ensure that there is no error or missing of packaging so that error rate of packaging can be reduced.

06 Customer acceptance
Customer acceptance

Workers complete assembly of the furniture according to the installation drawings generated by the software and send them to the customer for acceptance.

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