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Haixun Door Plank Carving System

The CNC software is easy to use and has powerful design functions, suitable for professionals and individual users. It's powerful and stable modeling function can design complex curve and curved surface parts. Various processing methods are convenient for designing and combining high-efficiency tool paths.

CNC Software Massive software materials library

The CNC software has a library containing massive software materials, and can update the cloud image library in real time for download; also, it adopts parameterized intelligent design to enable differentiated self-modeling.

CNC Software Convenient tool setting

The CNC software can provide convenient tool setting, accurate tool path and high processing efficiency to realize the flexible milling of the reverse hinge holes, lead holes and glass doors and improve the processing efficiency.

Direct import of user-defined tables

The CNC software supports direct import of user-defined tables and can fit the door type automatically without any need of trial processing, measuring or calibration. It is highly accurate, convenient and fast, and can greatly improve the production efficiency, realizing a production capacity three times of the original.

Batch layout of multiple orders

The CNC software supports batch layout of multiple orders and unified management of excess materials, and allows you to intervene the layout manually; thus, it can make the layout more intelligently, avoid waste of plates, improve the utilization of the plates and save plates at the utmost.

Save the processing paths of the door types

The CNC software can save the processing paths of the door types and custom the processing instructions of various processes; it needs no manual programming and can realize convenient and direct call for use to reduce error rate and improve processing efficiency.

Fit various models to realize efficient processing

The CNC software can fit various models to realize efficient processing and reduce the dependence on technical workers, thus saving time and labor.

CNC software Direct import of CAD drawings

The CNC software supports direct import of CAD drawings and user-defined tables, matches the door types accurately, and needs no manual input, which can realize simple, accurate, convenient and quick production.

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