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Five Principles Of Smart Home Software Design

Jun. 04, 2020

With the continuous improvement of the Furniture Industry Software in the smart home industry, users increasingly prefer Concise Style Furniture Design Software, and a better user experience naturally becomes an important indicator of the software. Excellent design and a good user experience are often the keys to success. So what kind of design can make easy-to-see smart home software more popular?


Furniture Models Software Supplier suggests that from the user's perspective, they should have the following five principles:




No matter what kind of software stability is very important, this point should not be disputed. Many people should understand that a piece of software is experiencing a sudden "crash". It can be said that the taste is quite bad, and it may even affect our mood, especially when it is being used urgently or is in the process of being used. , Can only helplessly sigh or yell at the software for doing poorly, it is useless to hurry. If the smart home software is unstable, the adverse effects will actually get worse. One of the main functions or goals of the smart home is to improve the efficiency of the user’s daily family life and make life easier, and when operating through the software, "stuck" and "flash" and other situations often affect the smart home equipment. The effect of implementation, one after another, actually lowers the efficiency of life and makes life more complicated and worse.




Note that the popularity here is not vulgar, but easy to understand. Smart home software is not an intellectual game, nor is it to develop the user's intelligence, but to allow ordinary users to quickly understand and get started, in order to achieve their control and management of smart devices in the home. Therefore, at this point, the use of icon elements in the software is quite important. In fact, the icon element in the smart home software should be easier to understand than the logo in daily life. Whether it is a scene, a space area, or a specific device, it needs to appear in the most conspicuous way and can Let users quickly distinguish, the most ideal situation is that users can understand at a glance.




In the final analysis, the smart home software is not brought to play, but used for it, which requires this software to have a certain efficiency. The efficiency mentioned here can be generally divided into two situations: one is the objective response efficiency of the software; the second is the user's subjective operational efficiency. For the first case, the user seems to have no choice. The software's unresponsiveness may be a software problem, a network problem, or a bearing device problem, which is not easy to control. In comparison, the second case is particularly critical. At the beginning of software design, developers must consider the possibility of leaving users enough to improve efficiency.

 Parameter adjustment

Parameter adjustment



The importance of humanization for smart home software is self-evident. As far as smart home is concerned, intelligence is only "outer packaging", home is the "core", and home talent is "fundamental", so smart home software should also be as human-centric as possible, highlighting humanization. How to do this? In addition to the three points mentioned above, the feeling that the software creates is very important, and the creation of this feeling usually depends on the operation interface. To let users like this software in the shortest time, it is necessary to have a reasonable interface layout, unique color matching and fast control methods. In short, the design of smart home software should conform to the interests and usage habits of mass consumers as much as possible, rather than blindly creating new ideas.




It is not enough for the smart home to be humanized, but also to pay attention to personalization, which is determined by the uniqueness of each family. Strictly speaking, each family has its own lifestyle and unique lifestyle, and it is hoped that the smart home software will be compatible with its own love and find resonance, but there is only one software, how to do it? Best practice It is to leave a certain "blank" for users, so that users have more space for independent settings, such as home page background selection, home page custom layout, and quick scene custom settings. In fact, the personalization of smart home software not only enhances the stickiness of the software, but also plays an important role in improving the efficiency of smart home operations.

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