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Digital Empowers Customers To Succeed, How Does It Happen In The Home Industry?

Apr. 08, 2020

At the end of 2019, as a Home Design And Production System Supplier, communicating with the grass-roots home furnishing industry practitioners, it is obvious that this industry is living extremely anxious and difficult. "Shuffle" and "integration" have become the high-frequency vocabulary of the home furnishing industry, and the industry also increasingly agrees with a point of view: if 2019 is the year of reshuffling the home industry, the upcoming 2020 will be the year of integration of the home industry.


In the context of the new economic normal, the period of the rapid development of the home furnishing industry has come to an end, and the past extensive development mode has been difficult to sustain. On the retail side, the home furnishing industry is also facing a comprehensive reconstruction of "people, goods, and stores": the channel reform is coming, and the traditional home building materials stores are facing the current situation of severe exhaustion of passenger flow. Difficult customer acquisition, low customer flow, and difficult transactions have become widespread anxiety in the industry. If the home furnishing companies simply rely on the business thinking accumulated over the past two or three decades, they can no longer keep up with the times.


It is true that for the majority of home furnishing companies, the external economic cycle cannot be controlled. However, the unsatisfactory overall market environment is also a more severe test for service capabilities. At this critical point in time, actively embracing change has become all home furnishing An important issue for enterprises and householders. Home Furnishing believes that 2020 will be the year of integration in the home furnishing industry, and will also be the starting point for the entire industry to start the large-scale digital transformation. Standing on the origin, home furnishing companies need to complete digital transformation before they can survive the reshuffle and integration and truly become a great company.

Furniture Design System

Furniture Design System

Under the blessing of technology, digitally connect enterprises to "connect", Home Design And Production System, Concise Furniture Design Software began to appear. However, if Chinese home furnishing companies want to build their own ability to cross the cycle, they still need to learn from the long history.


Human economic growth comes from the spiral superposition of quantitative growth and efficiency growth. When quantitative growth encounters a bottleneck and fails to complete the transformation of efficient growth in time, economic growth will face a slowdown. Looking back in history, only a handful of countries can escape this cycle. The United States is one of the very few countries. The key to enabling the United States to complete the transformation from quantitative growth to efficient growth is the help of informatization. For Chinese companies, building the ability to cross the cycle also requires the transformation of the underlying logic as the starting point of thinking.

At present, among the four industries necessary for the survival and development of human beings, only "living" has not been digitally thoroughly baptized. In 2019, the difficulties in acquiring customers, difficult transactions, inefficiency, and "what you see are not gains" that have troubled householders all stem from the relative lack of digitization in the household industry.


Most first-line custom home furnishing companies can already reduce the supply cycle to 30-45 days. Although this is the norm in the entire industry, in terms of a two-room 70-80 day decoration cycle, 30-45 days is still too long. To achieve "only fast and unbreakable", relying on digital tools to improve the efficiency from design to production has become a key link.


Our design software has become an important tool for home furnishing companies to win orders from customers, but the industrial chain is long from renderings to placing orders, tearing down orders, and producing. During this period, it will undergo a series of complex conversions, so it is easy to "see what you see is not what you get." "It has caused poor consumer experience, which has always been one of the pain points that has plagued the industry. Realizing what you see is what you get is an important way for home furnishing companies to improve their service capabilities and consumer satisfaction.

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