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How to Choose Software In the Custom Furniture Industry

Oct. 29, 2020

With the growing market share of custom furniture, furniture practitioners are paying more and more attention to furniture software. But when it comes to Furniture  Software, many furniture companies still confine their thinking to traditional CAD software combined with manual equipment production. And some leading companies in the furniture industry, such as Sophia, Boloni, Fangtai, Shangpin Home Delivery, etc., have long since got rid of this traditional method, copied advanced European and American production and processing modes and processes, and adopted the combination of automated CNC production equipment and automated software. Occupy a considerable market share in the domestic market. Some production companies, due to pressures such as rising labor wages, frequent production errors, and loss of orders because of the inability to quickly deliver goods, have begun to pay attention to flexible production lines that combine automation software and automation equipment. Regardless of whether it is active or passive choice, judging from the current situation of mixed domestic furniture industry, leading companies or first-line brands continue to grow bigger and stronger, and squeeze the living space of small and medium-sized enterprises, choosing the combination of equipment and software for transformation will promote domestic furniture A major reshuffle of the industry.

In the traditional mode, designers use CAD software to produce drawings, and the drawing time itself is very long. If all orders are customized, the time-consuming is even more significant. After drawing out the drawing, the unmanufacturing master needs to dismantle the sheet manually, and calculate the plate size, hole position information, hardware assembly position, connection method, etc. These two links can be said to pinch the Furniture Manufacturers Lifeblood, directly causing extremely low efficiency, frequent errors, and unable to meet the requirements of fast and quality supply. In addition, humans cannot calculate how to maximize the utilization of the plates, resulting in serious plate waste. For the store, having a software that can show the three-dimensional effect of the design is an important means of retaining customers. Having a good rendering will attract customers' attention and the order turnover rate will be greatly improved.

In addition, from a development point of view, as domestic labor costs are rising, skilled workers and order breakers are extremely difficult to recruit, and there are many manual production errors, which bring considerable direct economic losses. The operation of production depends on the human sea tactics. The model has been eliminated by more and more furniture factories. In the near future, a large number of labor in furniture factories will be replaced by automation equipment. The brain of automation equipment is software, so choose an automation software forward-looking to facilitate future docking with equipment and lay a solid foundation for future development.

When selecting software for the furniture industry, it must first locate its own needs. It is a store or decoration industry that needs a design software with outstanding rendering effects, or a furniture manufacturer needs an automation software that integrates front-end design and back-end production output. . For the former, the main reference standard is whether the renderings after the design are beautiful enough to attract customers' attention. There are so many design softwares on the market that you can choose from stars, many of which are outstanding in rendering, lighting, and 3D effects. Many software companies have introduced VR effects to attract customers. Typical representatives of 3D artists, etc., here no more pen and ink.

For furniture manufacturing companies, especially those that focus on customized furniture, how to choose Furniture Industry Software is a matter of knowledge. To give a good answer to this question, we must first look back at the main problems and problems faced by furniture manufacturers. The software that can solve these problems and problems is good software suitable for furniture factories. The headaches of furniture factories can be summarized as the following: how to solve the problems of difficulty in recruiting, retaining people, and rising wages, how to solve the contradiction between personalized customization and mass production, how Reduce production and packaging errors.

These questions, from the software level, the core answer is to split the list. In most furniture factories, the main obstacle in the production process is to split the orders. First of all, it is difficult to recruit an order splitter. Secondly, the salary of the splitting personnel is high. Thirdly, as long as the manual splitting, especially the customized order, is very flexible, mistakes are inevitable. There is no software with the function of splitting orders, and blindly relying on manual splitting of orders will inevitably result in high recruitment costs, high management costs, high wages, large losses due to errors, and limited production capacity.

Therefore, the core of good furniture software lies in the ability to quickly and accurately dismantle orders. A furniture factory with such software, even if it uses traditional manual equipment, such as sliding table saws, multi-row drills, etc., is a big improvement compared to the past, because it solves the problem of splitting orders, and solves a large part of it. Salary expenditure, more valuable, is to clean up the efficiency loss and direct economic loss caused by slow manual splitting and high error rate of splitting orders. Of course, in order to thoroughly solve the aforementioned production problems, it is necessary to combine software and automation equipment to achieve revolutionary results.

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