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Haixun Lets You Meet Better Furniture Design Software

Mar. 18, 2020

Furniture Design System, furniture industry software is software that connects designers and factories. It is the most complete, optimized and efficient software for the furniture industry on the market. Its concise style, elegant and beautiful layout, and humanized operation method have greatly improved the design and production efficiency of the enterprise, and created greater benefits for customers. The creative process can not only fully express the designer's design concept, but also meet the needs of instant communication with customers. Therefore, HaiXun furniture design system provides designers with a free design workflow, provides intuitive solution display for end customers, and provides manufacturers with more efficient production tools.

Furniture Design System

Furniture Design System

HaiXun's outstanding quality makes you want to have:

1. Multiple design modes, design-driven production

The HaiXun design model supports traditional module parameter editing, space division, free design, etc., and can be converted; the system itself has a parameter model library to improve the operation speed and accuracy of the design process, so that front-end consumers are more efficient and direct Experience.

2. Cloud-based, lightweight, simple deployment, more secure data

The HaiXun system has been designed with a cloud architecture from the beginning of development. The client is simple to deploy and does not need to install a huge database. Each customer has its own account space, own information, and can share the public resources of the server.

3. The real meaning of back and forth, the effect map directly and seamlessly with production

What you have seen and learned, the design process is both a disassembly process. After the design is completed, hardware is added manually or automatically, and the list report is directly connected to the factory production. The process is seamless and makes users feel comfortable and smooth;

4. The ERP project management system runs through the entire process, linked together, and the data is accurate.

Furniture ERP Management Software that comes with the furniture design system organically integrates the entire production and management process of the enterprise, enabling the enterprise to effectively reduce inventory and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the originally decentralized production processes are automatically linked, and they are carried out continuously without any disconnection. All the data from the store design end to the final finished product out of the warehouse after acceptance and installation are clearly recorded in the ERP project management system. The comprehensiveness and accuracy of the data is finally presented in the form of big data in front of each customer. In order to facilitate the daily work of each customer to check for omissions and fill gaps, as well as overall planning and key arrangements for the next step of work. If you are a manager, if you can't always be on the first site of production, then you only need to open ERP, and the data you want to see is all here.

Based on the above excellent quality, Haixun Furniture Design System is a fast, convenient and freely designed furniture software that solves the problem of communication between store design and consumers, solves the problem of connection between design and production, and solves the problems of customer installation and deployment and project management. The omissions and errors, the real meaning of communication. Customers who use the furniture design system feel silky lubrication and comfort. The comfort of the use process creates high efficiency in the production and management process, and truly contributes to the development and growth of the enterprise.

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